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Many students find themselves struggling in math at one point or another during their school years. In response to the growing need for supplementary instructional aids, we devised MathLine to help educators teach the skills that their students need to succeed. MathLine includes a wide variety of tools that teachers can draw upon in the classroom.
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MathLine vs. Other Manipulatives

MathLine saves time for students and teachers. Watch these videos and learn why

Why another manipulative for my classroom?

MathLine looks like an abacus - WHY MATHLINE IS BETTER!



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MathLine raises math scores! See the scientifically based research

Achieving Common Core Standards with MathLine

Achieving Common Core with MathLine

MathLine uniquely fulfills Common Core for math because MathLine's greatest strength is Common Core's focus: UNDERSTANDING BASIC MATH

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Concepts you can teach on MathLine

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Tools to help teachers with MathLine

iMathLine Digital Core Teacher
This interactive whiteboard tool models the math so your teachers can work with the students. Great for teachers with low confidence in teaching math!

MathLine Guided Instruction (MGI)
Web Materials with MGI and video instruction

Teacher Guides/Activity Books and Video Lessons
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“KEEP IT SIMPLE” MathLine Webinars
Set up a 15-minute webinar to learn how to simplify teaching math, you choose the concept on MathLine from a consultant!

MathLine Training Workshops
These professional development workshops will give teachers the knowledge and confidence to be better math teachers and seamlessly implement MathLine into the existing curriculum.

MathLine for School > Learn About MathLine