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Jan 15

Children who encounter difficulty understanding math concepts can face serious problems in the classroom that may last for the rest of their school years. It's important to get them the academic help they need as soon as possible. That is why Howbrite Solutions developed MathLine. One of the most powerful math teaching tools available today, MathLine empowers teachers by granting them a platform to provide hands-on math tools for kids.

Designed for students at the pre-K through pre-algebra levels, this school tutoring aid employs a multisensory learning environment to lead young students through long division, rounding, prime numbers, and other aspects of mathematics. Furthermore, MathLine is also available for home use. No matter where this product is used, students will enjoy the benefits of expertly designed math learning tools that have been proven to promote rapid acquisition of skills. In fact, MathLine has been shown to promote learning at a significantly faster pace than other math manipulatives on the market. Explore our site for further information.