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RekenMathLine = Rekenrek + MathLine

RekenMathLine is 2 tools in 1. Flip from Rekenrek to MathLine which has a mistake free connection to number - from conceptual modelling to procedural methods. Bring your students the most effective K-4 strategy to have deep understanding in essential math Click here to compare Rekenrek and MathLine



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Carries shares her experience using RekenMathLine for 2nd through 4th grade math skill students and much more teacher feedback.

RekenMathLine Review Kit 

Want to review RekenMathLine? Here is a 30 Day Review Kit and comes with a 15 minute Q&A Webinar for your math team with one of our consultants. 

School Starter Package 

RekenMathLine for your School? Put a class set in each grade level and includes an all-inclusive workshop for your staff to seamlessly integrate their lessons. No purchasing material that sit on the shelf- this package will be your teachers exciting "go-to" tools.