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MathLine Research: Qualitative and Quantitative, math scores increased the more they used MathLine! Howbrite Solutions, Inc. and Main Street Academix spent a year engaged in a "gold standard" evaluation-one that meets the Whitehurst Standards set by the Office of Educational Research (OERI) in Washington DC - of the MathLine multi-sensory math manipulative program. The evaluation was designed to determine if the use of the MathLine number line tool, improved student learning in mathematics.




Well, the results are in! Students in each of the three randomly selected experimental schools powerfully outperformed students in the three control schools in every area assessed. Pre and post test results on a nationally normed standardized test of mathematics achievement showed that the students who used Mathline scored significantly higher than the students not using Mathline. Students in grades one and three showed the most significant gains, but students in grades two and four also scored significantly higher than students in the control group. See the results and a detailed description of this exciting study in the Technical Evaluation PDF link above. We can now say with even greater certainty than ever, that, when used as directed, Mathline really works! Here are some of the comments made by students and teachers who participated in the study:
  • "Several students in my class struggle with math in general. Having a tool such as Mathline shows them math with their eyes." - 3rd grade teacher
  • "It is very good for students with problems and it helps students to understand the concept." - 3rd grade teacher
  • "They understood division also helped many students with 'greater than' and 'less than' helps them with comparing and ordering numbers and patterns." - 3rd grade teacher
  • "It is utilized best to introduce new skills that are unfamiliar to the students." - 4th grade teacher
  • "It did help students see 'rounding' better...especially at first when they could see the blue and red rings. It didn't take long." - 4th grade teacher
  • "For those who had a mental block memorizing facts, it has helped them see the connection." - 4th grade teacher
Students in all grades (1st-4th) said:
  • "It's fun to work with!"
Some first graders told us:
  • "It helps me with counting money."
  • "It helps with hard problems."
  • "It's exciting because you can learn."
Second and third graders said,
  • "It helps us learn."
  • "It helps me to add and subtract."
  • "It makes it easier to do Math."
  • "The colors on the rings make it easier to count."
One rather articulate 4th grader told us:
  • "It sparks my interest and makes me more interested in math."
The results of the independent study speak for themselves...students made significant gains when using MathLine!

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RESEARCH METHODS: The study utilized a nonequivalent group, pretest-posttest, quasi-experimental design. Elementary schools were matched on critical school variables such as academic achievement, community demographic factors, socio-economic status, special education population, etc. Three pairs of matched schools were randomly selected to participate in the study and each school was randomly assigned to either an experimental or control condition. Teachers from the three experimental schools participated in a half-day professional development workshop on teaching with MathLine conducted by a Howbrite Solutions trainer in August, 2004. Teachers received no more formal training after the half-day workshop. Students in grades 1-4 in all six schools took a standardized pre-test of mathematics achievement (G*MADE) during the fall of 2004. A post-test of academic achievement was also given to all students in May of 2005.